Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Minute to Complain

Now that I have fully immersed myself in the gluten free world, forgoing the gluten is easy most of the time. (It is the hidden stuff that gets me.) Natural foods and gf substitutions leave me satisfied without the tummy issues. But give up yeast too? That seems so unfair. Just when I accepted gf beer, now I find that I shouldn't have that either because of the yeast? Thats just cruel! Of course I feel much better and am (usually) happy to comply....but to give up my favorite balsamic vinegar? And then regular vinegar, which is in everything including all condiments and salad dressings. And wine?? No!! Especially on a hot Chicago summer day, a glass of cold white wine shared on the back deck, or a rich drink of Sangria is always appreciated on a warm evening out. Cubs games, boating and team drinks after my own sports; just feels like something's missing without a cold brewski. Because I seem to be ok with yeast in smaller amounts, my game plan is to cut down, not cut out completely. It is just too unfair to go through life without wine! So this is the issue that really gets me down. The issue that I am still trying to deal with and accept. Especially when everyone else seems to be indulging in all of these treats. Why yeast? I still have not figured out that answer yet. Thank goodness for that anonymous girl who posted her recommendation for buttermilk instead of yeast. She unknowingly improved my life in tenfolds! Now someone needs to figure out how to make gf beer yeast free too! At least I can have my olive oil and lemon. Now I had better start losing some weight with all of these calories that I have stopped consuming!