Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Made Real Pizza!

After two hours of hard work, about 10 mistakes and even more cursing, I created a real pizza!!! I am still shocked. All of the other pizzas I worked hard on in the past 7 months or so came out terrible, and not at all like pizza the way each recipe or blogger claimed. I was trying to be positive, but they all tasted bad, kinda smelled, and still somewhat hurt my stomach. (yeast? seems to be) This one LOOKS like pizza, TASTES like pizza, crunches like Pizza, smells like pizza and, what the heck, even feels like pizza. Good golly, it IS pizza! And my stomach is happy, just really full after eating so much of it. Brian loved it too, said he "could eat that for dinner anytime". Yea! A real success! Ok, enough of the bragging (for now) but seriously, I am shocked that it came out "real" after all of the past experiences, after all of my "trials" today with it, and all of the things that went wrong. For instance, cutting the recipe in half except for the buttermilk on accident, then having to re-add all the halves and almost messing up on all of the counts (who can keep track after adding the 16th half-teaspoon of something?) And having the thin dough that was SUPPOSED to be really thick, stuck all over my hands and everything else, while listening to really bad and loud music blare out of my too-far-to-reach radio. Then smoking out the oven and setting the smoke detector off, scaring the crap out of Lacey and I. Then seeing half of the crust rising and whistling inside the oven like a half of a volcano that is about to explode all over the already disastrous kitchen. (It crossed my mind to wonder where the fire extinguisher was at this point.) I took several recipes and tips and combined them all to invent the one that I came out with today. Amazing to me, after all of the frustration and exhaustion, when I tasted the pizza, I immediately wanted to turn around and go through the whole process again, this time perfecting all of the little mishaps that I could taste. That is what these good notes are for...I will perfect it another time, in a faster interval, I have decided.
On a side note, today was the first time that I used quinoa flour, which also made the perceived outcome unsure. The description on the package of the flour being the most versatile next to wheat was convincing, and very true I just found out. It is also the most nutritious of all the whole grains and brings a tender moist crumb to all baking needs. Yep, I agree. I will be using a whole lot of this new quinoa flour. The answer to my gluten free prayers.